Ithiopia Meekeda is a 24 year old entrepreneur born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. She has always had a drive to help people and provide service to the public through everything she does. 

Throughout her childhood and adulthood she suffered from sensitive skin experiencing eczema, which limited her choices in bath and body products. She watched her mother experience the same thing.    

Ithiopia  felt boxed in  due to the skin sensitivity she experienced, as she believes others did too.   


During her last semester as an undergraduate at North Carolina Central University, she began heavily using raw Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Mango butter on her skin. Over the course of a few months  her skin began to clear. This is when the idea of Blush Essentials was born. 

She began packaging raw Shea butter and Mango butter in NC Central's Eagle Landing dormitory to  sell to students. What began as a hobby, motivated her to turn Blush Essentials into a brand. 

Seeing people happy from her products,  along with the encouragement of her parents, siblings, friends, and mentors, provided her with the extra push and motivation to develop Blush Essentials into the brand it is today. 



 Blush Essentials Natural Body Products officially launched spring of 2018 with the goal of solving the problem of dry skin and high usage of chemically filled products by providing a natural alternative. We aim to provide amazing scented body products filled with natural ingredients that deeply penetrates and moisturizes the skin. 

Our mission is to provide products that are healthy and suitable for all skin types, both sensitive and non-sensitive. We strive to promote healthy and natural ingredients that will act as a superfood for the skin. We aim to promote healthy alternatives and living. 




We envision a brand that unifies people through our values and philosophies of community, family, integrity, and customer service. We strive to provide a product that has a positive effect on our community by promoting and providing healthy and natural products and lifestyle. 

We strongly believe in treating our customers as family. We aim to create a professional and quality experience at all times. We aim to put a smile on each customers face from the time of purchase, when they receive product, and begin the usage of Blush Essentials. 

We believe that you cannot have a successful business and create a family atmosphere without integrity. We strongly place emphasis on being transparent and honest with our customers (Blush Essentials family). We want to create a trustworthy brand for people to love and enjoy.  

To create a family environment is to create an environment of love, peace, happiness, and understanding. We believe in creating an environment where there is unity within our team and customers. We believe family brings people closer together.   



Processing and Shipping

 Please allow 2-3 business days for us to process your order in addition to the shipping time.  

Returns and Exchanges

We accept exchanges within 14 days when item is delivered. To qualify for an exchange  your  product must be: 

1.  Sealed and unused due to health precautions.  

2. Your product has a defect or is damaged. 

Once we receive your product, we will  perform an inspection and notify you if you qualify. 

We do provide our customers with the option of store credit or an exchange. You may receive store credit or an exchange equal to your previous purchase value.  

If you believe you qualify for a return or exchange please send an email to or send a message to our contact form. Our contact form can be found by clicking on contact us located in the menu. 


Customers are responsible for paying for their shipping for an item they are returning. Shipping cost will not be included in your approved refund, as shipping costs are non-refundable. You will receive full refund of the value of the product you purchased.


Although our products filled with natural ingredients and promote healthy skin our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition. Please do not use our products as a medical resource or treatment.