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Ithiopia Meekeda


Meet the Owner and Founder, Ithiopia Meekeda, of Blush Essentials Natural Body Products. Ithiopia Meekeda is a 23 year old entrepreneur from Durham, North Carolina, who started Blush Essentials inside of her dorm room during her senior year at North Carolina Central University. Although it started as a hobby she decided that Blush Essentials could be more. 

After graduating with her Bachelor Degree in Public Relations Spring 2017, she dedicated the rest of the year to research and development of Blush Essentials. Blush Essentials Natural Body Products officially launched March 2018. Ithiopia Meekeda’s mission for Blush Essentials is to provide quality natural body products and provide the community with a natural alternative to other popular body products. She is extremely thankful for the support she’s received and continues to receive from the community!  

Message from the Owner

" Hey everyone! Thank you for choosing Blush Essentials Natural Body Products! I am super happy that I am able to provide natural body product alternatives for people to cherish and love. I am an advocate for living natural and want to help the community live natural too. I hope that Blush Essentials touches everyone in a special and nourishing way. Thank you for your support and welcome to the Blush Essentials community! 

With Love, 

Ithiopia Meekeda "